"It's time for our people to see Ignite is not just teams who come visit. Ignite is who we are."
~ Head Coach Rene Quintana | Nicaragua National Volleyball Team ~
  • "The state or quality of being undivided"
  • I say what I am, and I am what I say
  • I choose right, and I set the right example
  • "Markedly superior in character or quality"
  • I strive for greatness both on and off the court
  • I do not settle for "good", and "average" is not ok.
  • "Not open to discussion or modification"
  • My boundaries are set in Truth and do not move
  • I choose to do now what I will wish I had done
  • "The power to cause an intangible effect"
  • I embrace the power to affect change
  • I harness that power to better those around me
  • I set a guard at my eyes, my ears, and my mind.
  • I choose wisely who influences me.
  • "Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something"
  • I conduct myself worthy of the trust of others
  • I let go of the past and am willing to give trust
  • I recognize any relationship requires 2-way trust
  • "Of the highest quality"
  • I am excellent in my attitude and my effort
  • I am excellent in my performance
  • I am excellent in my relationships
  • I will create excellence in everything I do.
"I don't know that it's right that athletes have the influence they do, but the fact is they have it. Those of us who understand that and walk in that realm have a tremendous opportunity and a significant responsibility to use our platform of influence to make a positive difference. We ignite hope for those who need it and make ambassadors of those who have it."
Judy Fox ~ Founder | President
"What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself."
~ Aurelius Augustinus ~

Judy Fox
Founder and President | Ignite International, Inc.

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A former NCAA Division I volleyball coach, Judy Fox's global impact is evidenced by her induction to four halls of fame: East Stroudsburg Area School District Meritorious Hall of Fame, ESASD Athletic Hall of Fame (team), Houghton College Hall of Honor, National Christian College Athletic Association Hall of Fame. Judy's fingerprint extends across generations, cultures, beliefs, and nationalities. She has trained leaders of national teams, international sports federations, Olympic committees, and youth development and community influencers in more than a dozen nations to utilize the universal language of sport to empower tomorrow's leaders.

Judy's impact is notable in the USA, Nicaragua, Cuba, Liberia, the Holy Land, Jamaica, and Russia, to name a few. She has received service awards from the Nicaragua Volleyball Federation, the Bethlehem Committee of the Palestinian Volleyball Federation, the American Heritage Academy Service Award. Additionally, the United States Army recognized Judy's leadership with a Certificate of Appreciation, and that same evening named its outbound flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Kuwait "Operation Ignite" to honor Ignite's support of the DFW Military Personnel Assistance Point.

Judy leads with an uncompromised dedication to "impact through relationship" that has uniquely positioned Ignite International as a trusted visionary partner to the Nicaragua Volleyball Federation, Nicaragua Olympic Committee, Jamaica Basketball Federation, sport and youth development agencies in the Holy Lands, and numerous values-based NGOs. Judy speaks for athletic, and leadership team empowerment engagements including the Ziglar Monday Morning Devotional for business professionals hosted by Ziglar, Inc. in Dallas, TX. Her unique ability to connect with audiences of all contexts ignites hope that is relevant, reachable, and real.

Judy is a native of East Stroudsburg, PA, and resides in Dallas, TX. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Houghton College (NY) and a Master of Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy (AL).

"In a world of compromise and decaying moral standards, it is refreshing when you come across an individual who has dedicated her life to living at a standard that is high enough for others to look up to, but close enough for them to reach."
Keith and Sara Davis
Former NFL Athlete | 4th Runner-Up Mrs. Texas 2019
Since 2003, Ignite International had been on a mission to impact lives through the universal language of sport. In more than a dozen nations, Ignite has delivered spark points of hope through collaboration with national teams, international sports federations, Olympic committees, education, and social influencers, as well as numerous values-based NGOs. With a determination to go where others won't and reach those whom others don't, we ignite generational cycles of hope one life at a time through the universal language of sport.
This is our Story.

"But if I say I won't mention Him or speak any more in His name,
His word is in me like a fire; a fire shut up in my bones. If I try to hold it in, indeed I cannot."
~ Jeremiah 20:9 ~
Take a four-minute walk with us through 2003-2019.
1st volleyball group to ever visit Nicaragua from the USA
1st collegiate volleyball from USA to Nicaragua
1st women's basketball from USA to Nicaragua
1st Nicaraguan female athlete to receive a scholarship in the USA
1st athletic teams to reenter Liberia after civil war
1st women's soccer to ever visit Liberia
1st athletes to visit Beslan, Russia after the 2004 terrorist attack
1st sports activity for an orphanage for disabled in Moscow
1st sports training seminar for faith leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia
1st sports training seminar for youth ministry leaders in Sochi, Russia
1st volleyball initiative to empower marginalized females in Bethlehem
1st foreigners to provide activity for the Dheisheh Boys' School
People you had never thought about before find their way into your heart to a place where you couldn't forget them if you tried.
~ Sarah D. | Ignite Athlete ~