Join The Team

"This experience totally changed my life."
~ Joel R. - Ignite Athlete ~
Now It's Your Turn!
We cannot do this alone!
You can help ignite generational cycles of hope!
Impact your community. Change your world.
Your community needs you. Your world needs you.

As an athlete or coach, you possess that secret sauce that gives instant rapport, bridges demographic division and opens doors for relationship.
As a fan, one who simply understands and embraces the love of sport, your life journey just might hold the key to unlock hope for someone else.

Athletes, coaches, teams and everyday heroes whose experiences resonate with those desperately seeking to break cycles of trauma - we need you. More importantly, they need you. When you volunteer with us for an Ignite U1 event or on an iGO service opportunity, you play a direct role in delivering hope to your community and to a nation in need.

With friends, with your team, or individually, there's a place for you to make a significant difference, to impact lives, to ignite hope!
A sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task.

You can give an energized, concerted jolt of hope by joining one of our quarterly 90-minute Blitz teams. Better yet, lead a team of your own and make an even greater impact!

Each quarterly Blitz directs proceeds to a specific Ignite initiative or partner. For a minimal investment of time in a non-intrusive format, you can directly help us ignite hope for those who need it and make ambassadors of those who have it.

We cannot do this alone! Would you help us "blitz" cycles of hope?

Be a difference-maker. Invite others to help ignite hope!

It takes a total team effort to build a championship program. Likewise, it takes a team to deliver fundamental skills that inspire transformation. Your passions align toward our cause, and your sphere of influence has the capacity to help us make a significant impact.

As an MVP Ambassador, you further the Ignite impact by sharing your passion to ignite hope with invitees from within your sphere of influence. Through in-person or digital gatherings, we will work with you to present the vision and to invite your guests to join us as financial supporters in our movement to ignite generational cycles of hope.

Would you help us ignite hope as an MVP Ambassador?
It's the most unique thing I've ever been a part of. Every time I go home I meet someone else whose life has been changed by Ignite.
Jacky Toruño ~ Nicaragua