Go Ignite

"Life is like a game of tennis. The one who serves well seldom loses." ~ Chris Evert
one life at a time
"To be able to be a mentor and a coach and impact lives is incredible, and it's something I could never put a price tag on."
~ Kelsee H. ~
Athletes, coaches, teams, and everyday heroes!! You have the power to impact the life of one who is desperately searching for hope. Athletes and coaches - you speak the universal language that offers instant rapport. You understand the life application of foundational skills that lead to success

Everyday heroes, you have overcome hardship, and you carry relevant experiences that deliver hope through understanding. You can help us ignite cycles of hope for teens and adults who are at risk of the indiscriminate effects of trauma.
Connect your love of sport with your foundation of faith and your understanding of the practical application of life principles found in the athletic experience. You are the carrier of a word that ignites hope for individuals and communities in need.

As an individual, with some friends or as a team, you carry the unique hope that can literally change the future course in the life of others. Go with us and ignite your world!

UPDATE 4/30/2022: International service trips resume in 2022. Contact us for service opportunities both globally and here in the United States.
Rebecca S.
Ignite Athlete
A simple hug, a high-five, a smile, or holding a hand are moments where we are able to connect without even saying a word. We may never see the impact we left on the lives we have touched, but we will forever remember the moments that God used to show His love for all people no matter where they come from or where they may go.
Coach Darrin M.
Ignite Coach
We had a phenomenal experience with Ignite. The trip was so detailed and so structured, yet allowed us the freedom to do what we needed to do to invest not only in the lives of the people here but in our team. We're already talking about doing this again!
Adryna R.
Ignite Athlete
I was blessed with 11 days in Jamaica that held a lifetime of lessons. Traveling with Ignite has impacted my life forever by gaining a mentor and by being reminded that the Lord is at work in every corner of the planet we live on. I pray the light continues to burn bright through the work of Ignite!!!