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Every face has a name, every name a soul, every soul a purpose.
Our Primary Nations 2003 to 2019
"When I think of you and what you've done for my country,
the only word I can think of is adoration.
Because You reach the people we could never reach."
Pastora Isabela A. ~Nicaragua
Never forget where you've come from
4-minute highlights from 2003 to 2019
Additional Nations
The Ignite foundation in review: 2003 to 2019
2009 and 2010
Our first connection with Cuba came randomly, through a sport leader we met during our 2007 trip to South Africa. Our second connection came as Ignite Founder Judy Fox assisted the National Volleyball Team of Nicaragua at a round of NORCEA competition, the World Championship Qualifier in 2009. This island and her people remain significant in the heart of Ignite International even as we remain a voice of encouragement to some of Cuba's finest national athletes.
There is no place in Berlin where one can escape the effects of the historical reign of terror, power, or the infamous Wall that separated East from West. Parts of the Wall still stand and gold plates throughout the city streets serve as reminders of an dark era on human history. One hour away is Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp, where more than 50,000 people lost their lives, including both Jews and POWs captured by the Russians who turned it into a slave labor/torture camp.

Conversely, landmarks like Checkpoint Charlie remind tourists of the fight for freedom, while Hitler's Bunker (his hideout, dwelling and place of suicide) finds no honor, no memorial.....only a sign marking its location. Ironically, across the street is a masterfully designed memorial built honoring the lives lost at his hand. Berlin - a special city, we would love to return.
2011 and 2013
Everywhere one goes, there is evidence of the civil war that lasted more than a decade. Everyone meets is a casualty, with many having lost every meaningful person in their lives.

Though our part is small, it was nonetheless historic. In 2011 we brought the first athletic team of any kind to return to Liberia after the war. In 2013, we followed with the first women's soccer team from anywhere to ever visit Liberia.

Liberia will continue to rise. We count it an honor to connect with partnerships dedicated to empowering the next generation through the universal principles of sport.
2008 and 2012
"There is no basketball in Puerto Vallarta". So they told us. Yet, there we were. Basketball clinics opened the doors to empower the kids at the School of Champions, located within yards of the largest garbage dump in Puerto Vallarta. Within a few days of arrival, our team had won an exhibition game versus a local prison team. Having gained the respect of these inmates, we were asked to return for a game versus the top prison team, which our Ignite-Cloud Nine guys won too. As we departed the prison for the second time, we received a phone call from the city's professional team, requesting an official game.

Basketball opened the hearts of people all over Puerto Vallarta!

While the team competed in the game at the prison, Ignite Founder Judy Fox and a female member of the Ignite Board of Directors were invited to the women's side to. After two hours of simple conversation and encouragement, introducing life application to sport principles, they led 25-30 female inmates to an Eternal decision. Judy returned during the second visit and gave a clinic for the prison volleyball team.

This trip and its uniqueness will remain in Ignite history as one of the most enjoyable. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for the men of Cloud Nine Basketball!

See the video below to summarize our subsequent trip to Mexico - this time to Cancun.
Puerto Rico
First Ignite Trip | August 2003
"There will be many but there will never again be a first." Our first trip took us to the gorgeous island of Puerto Rico where our team had the honor of competing in friendly games with the Puerto Rico National Team 2. Additionally, our team shared with the fine student body and teachers at Wesleyan Academy in Guaynabo. One of our highlights the opportunity to encourage all of Puerto Rico through our live interview at WBMJ, the largest Christian radio station on the island.

A school administrator commented,"Your athletes will never know what an impact they have had. They talked about some of the real heart issues, and they have made a difference!"

A firm foundation for Ignite was laid in that first trip, and we will forever remember, with great admiration and affection, the athletes and coaches who made up our 2003 trip to Puerto Rico. We look forward to returning to ignite hope for Puerto Rico!
2005, 2006, 2008
Among the most unique experiences we have had is the opportunity, and tremendous privilege, to impact lives in Russia. From the orphanages of Moscow to the opulent palaces and of St. Petersburg, the majesty of this nation exudes power. Teaching her people of faith to utilize the principles of sport to empower their next generation was a new concept for them, and an absolute pleasure for us.

Sport has its own unique way of bridging divisions, and we count it an honor to have served the beautiful people of this global power. Most moving to us, and the impetus for our focus in Russia, has been the survivors of the Beslan attack of 2004. The heart of Ignite International will forever have a piece in this quiet, peaceful, resilient town. We hope one day to return.

Click below for a more exclusive view of our service to Russia.
South Africa
2007 took us to the beautiful city of Cape Town. It was there that we befriended Anne Siroky. South Africa's 2007 Woman of the Year for her humanitarian efforts and at the time their best beach volleyball player. in the midst of the lingering effects of Apartheid, our team assisted with feeding programs, held volleyball clinics and served at a humanitarian event for the largest informal settlement in Cape Town.

Our hearts were broken in a visit to an orphanage for HIV babies. The attendant's words were haunting as she asked our team to play with the babies but not hold them, explaining it is better for them to never know love than to have it taken away - a solemn realization of innocent lives intentionally never shown love and a poignant reminder of its urgency.

Through the platform of sport, we encouraged opponents at exhibition games, as well as through partnership with a community youth program as we taught local leaders how to utilize sports to apply both eternal and practical principles.
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